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Seamless Journeys

Travel knows no boundaries


Hi ! I am Sripriya Parameswaran,  fondly referred to as SRI , SP or  PRI  at times. Enthusiastic about life, I believe in living every single moment to the fullest.   As an Indian by birth and residence,  being able to visit 19 countries around the world  until 2019,  has been an achievement.

Any form of art including painting, singing, dancing, model making with paper and clay, stitching, cooking just to name a few interest me...  I realised I could also take good pictures.

I am a "record making"  psycho when it comes to TRAVEL.  Initial years of local travel got me creating physical photo albums with printed photographs to record the wonderful journeys.  Bundles of those now lie in a trunk, resultantly increasing my experience & skill. As years flew by, there were more oppoortunities to travel Internationally. Due to passage of time and improvement in technology, the old system of maintaining travel records seemed outdated.   It was replaced by travel diaries and printed photo books.  I am now a proud creator and owner of 1 travel dairy of around 310 pages and 2  large sized photo books of 240 pages each.    I am not a great writer, but can express ideas fairly well. 

The latest passion came in the form of designing this entire travel blog single handedly.    Though  there are innumerable travel enthusiasts out there who have squeezed out their heart in narrating their travel, each story is different and so, I decided to give it a try.    Displaying self-produced photos & videos on the blog, have been motivational and inspiring.   Every single picture and video used in this website are my very own creations.

As an ex-banker with a hectic life-style to currently being voluntarily retired, mom of a teenager & 24/7 home maker,  making enough time to do what was missed in so many years became priority.

After a few successful tours,  the idea of sharing the joyful learning experiences with the world, lead me to blogging.   If my ideas benefit million others, then why not!  I sincerely hope it does.

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