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UK & IRELAND diary : Day 16 - 26th April 2017

The amazing scenic journey along the western edge of Europe, the WILD WILD Atlantic coast, kept us in awe throughout. In half an hour or so from the Cliffs of Moher, we reached a certain part of the BURREN NATIONAL PARK. The rocky, Burren limestone was a treat to the eyes. It was FIFTY SHADES OF GREY coming alive. This part of the National park is known for its Lunar like landscape, running for about 15 kms sq in all. The rugged, craggy surface in this part of the park, is what makes it unique. It is absolutely a photographer's delight, with the Galway bay on one side. The rocks are cracked in unruly fashion. We got off the tour bus and followed the tour guide. He informed us that at least 75% of Ireland's native flora & fauna and numerous ancient monuments, megalithic tombs older than the pyramids of Egypt, forts and Celtic crosses exist in the National park. Of course, our experience was limited to a walk on this vast, cracked limestone bed.

We listened to him with rapt attention, before we all dispersed and set foot on the cracked rocks. It seemed like a piece of earth, that lay shattered by an earthquake, not very long ago. The Limestone here, found in powdered form amidst the cracks, is highly rich in minerals. It therefore provides the best atmosphere for the growth of most unusual flowers, only found in this area. Following the guide's instructions, we went in search of wild flowers amidst the rocks. The group scattered in different directions, hopping on rocks. Some of the cracks were deep and sharp. We had to step from rock to rock very carefully. We could faintly hear the guide's frequent warning, advising us to keep our mobiles and smaller objects safe. Many had earlier lost handphones and other precious items like watches, in-between the cracks and never found them. Jumping around was real fun.

We finally managed to find some pink flowers. He then joked around asking us to look out for some animals if possible. He then explained that fossils of an ancient variety of star fish and other sea animals, that were mostly found on ocean beds had been found here. The cracked limestones were the result of various geological changes over a period of time, mostly due to collision of the tectonic plates. He clarified that the other places in the National Park have a totally different, yet unique look. That was the speciality of Burren. It had diverse landscapes. The National Park also boasts of a large number of scenic trails which welcomes tourists all around the year.

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After the scheduled time, we were asked to get back to the tour bus to get on to our next destination. For further story read GALWAY.