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NORWAY & DENMARK Diary : Day 11 - 10th April 2019

The FJELLSTUA is a view point in Alesund Town. It is often referred to as the AKSLA viewpoint, as it sits atop the AKSLA Mountain. The jaw dropping 360 deg views are strewn all along the climb up this sturdy mountain, that stands in the middle of the Alesund Town. The mountain is around 190 metres high. The 19th Century, beige coloured stone stairway zig-zagging up its summit, can be spotted easily from many points within the vicinity of its foothill, in the town. One needs to pass through the town park & climb up 418 steps to get to the top.

The view point needed a separate, special mention in this blog, in order to present the 'OUT OF THE WORLD' views that were captured via photographs. We had reached the town that afternoon after a long, overnight journey, from Bodo in the North. The evening was blissful and appropriate for a climb up the AKSLA. We settled down in our accommodation and had a leisurely evening snack, before heading out.

The Stadtpark (city park) , Alesund is at a 10 minute walking distance from 7, Nedre Strandgate, where we stayed. It was easy to find our way to this park, walking through the town, exploring a couple of interestingly curving streets, running uphill. The shops were already closing down at that time. We were thrilled to spot a poster of the movie/play 'FAKIREN' in which Dhanush ( South Indian popular actor) stood posing. We reached the park & walked through its gates. The neatly maintained park threw an instant question mark regarding the start point of our climb. After a short walk around we spotted the arched, glass rooftop, restaurant peeking from the top of AKSLA. We followed its view, winding our way through the park.

Tidy Desk

We crossed a water pool, the statue of ROLLON the viking on a mound above us and many other interesting parts of the park. Our climb to the Fjellstua began with the blowing wind making it very cold. At every turn, the views grew prettier and prettier, making the 'cold shivers' worth it all. Each side displayed a mildly different coloured sky. The views covered the snow clad Sunnmore Alps, the sea water - most certainly a mixture of the North & Norwegian seas & of course, beautiful views of the Alesund Town. We were amazed at the setting sun playing games with the sky, shading it differently, when viewed from different angles at the same time.

The climb was easy & didn't consume much time, it was only the number of stops we made. We found a canon installed in one of the zig-zag turn. Half way through the climb, there was a rectangular view point, with a wooden floor sticking out of the mountain, covered on 3 sides with glass. This offered uninterrupted views of the town below.

The sky was still a little bright. We caught views here of the yellowish, dark blue sky, with the bright sun still managing to stay above the horizon. Wowing the splendid views, literally at every step, we reached the top in about 20 minutes. By this time, the sky had turned distinctively different coloured on either sides. It was sheer magic. The last step welcomed us with FJELLSTUA embossed on the stone slab. The view of the Sunnmore Alps got even better at the top. The pinkish tinge amidst the blue of the sky, right above the snowy mountain range was a treat. On the other side the sky was Orange with a view of the town beneath. The lights in the town were coming up slowly.

We walked around posing at every possible corner, finally getting to the restaurant. The views were promising enough to forget the lingering yummy aroma, of the goodies in the restaurant. The big verandah outside, was where most people gathered. The wooden benches were inviting. We sat there shivering all the while, still sipping the surrounding lusciousness. Outside the restaurant, we walked further up a curving road, to find another view point.