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UK & IRELAND diary : Day 8 - 18th April 2017

The valleys in Scotland are referred to as GLENs. The Glen Coe is supposedly a valley that was formed due to volcanic erruptions. The area is highly popular for climbing and nature trails, providing stunning views at a higher level. It is a mixture of both high mountains and low lands. The scenery on the A82 highway is reported to be the most jaw dropping of these Highlands. 'River COE' flows nearby and therefore the valley gets its name. The village of 'Glencoe' lies at the foothill of this mountain range.

It took us about one and half hours from Loch Lubnaig to reach the Glen Coe Valley. The A82 highway didn't fail to impress. The music in the mini bus took our experience to another level. We soon came face to face with a part of "Loch Leven" that stood still and silent below the gorgeous mountains.

The lake water seemed a little scarse during our season of visit. Nevertheless, with the mountain range as the backdrop it provided some unforgettable memories. Our driver took a small detour to park the vehicle. He then led us to the vast piece of land near Loch Leven. We had spotted a glacial piece of the range all along our way and now we seemed to get up close and personal with it. We were told that the three mountains were most famously referred to as THREE SISTERS in the mountain range surrounding the Glencoe valley. It called for a photostop. Known for its rolling hills and water falls, this place didn't fail to take our breath away. Scottish Highlands had that effect on us.

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The measly trickling waterfall, between two of the THREE SISTERS, was hardly visible, compared to its bright backdrop. We were short of time to access any of the hiking trails or mountain climbs. The first Gallery here, has a few pictures captured in this area.

The Highlands in and around both, Glen Coe and Fort William, accounted for majority of our scenic, dramatic photographs ever taken. Back on track yet again, we sped on A82 to reach our next destination.

A short video of this experience is recorded here. Do click on the video for a larger image and audio. The Lower mountains, slowly turned into high risen, in matter of minutes along the twisting, clean roads. After about half hour drive, we found ourselves surrounded by "Colourful Highlands". The first half of the day was so amazing, we couldn't wait for the second half . The driver found a suitable place to park and we were totally dumb struck by the views ahead of us. For further story read " FORT WILLIAM".