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HIGHLIGHTS OF EUROPE diary : Day 13 - 27th April 2016

Innsbruck, the capital of the federal state of Tyrol, lies to the western side of Austria. It hosts a variety of winter activities and is an acclaimed International Winter destination. The city was supposedly inhabited during Stone Age. In the early 12th Century, it played the role of a passage between Germany and Italy, for trade and exchange. The settlements around, facilitated the frequent movement of goods and services, over the bridge (Brucke) in this area, giving the city its name - INNSBRUCK- meaning " A bridge over the Inn".

Our five nights in Austria was accommodated in "Zell-am-see". At that time, our priority was to visit all possible touristy places. Obviously, after scanning the Internet a little, we chose to visit the SWAROVSKI CRYSTAL WORLD (museum attraction), in Innsbruck. Early that morning, we had our breakfast and reached the Zell-am-see railway station. The Sunny beginning seemed perfect. Our Eurail passes came handy. The train was almost empty and started as scheduled. The scenery slowly and steadily began changing from green to white. Beginning from the outskirts of Innsbruck, every area seemed to welcome snow. Our train passed mountainous regions drizzled with snow. Every tiny settlement on the way looked so pretty. By the time we crossed the stations of "PFAFFENSCHWENDT" and "FIEBERBRUNN", the snow grew thicker and the 'greens' totally vanished. We reached Worgl station in an hour and half. We hopped out of the 'warm' train on to the relatively 'chill' platform. As we awaited our train to Innsbruck, it began to snow. Snowfall is always beautiful. You can find a short video of this experience in the gallery.

Our train arrived in 20 minutes time. The journey to Innsbruck was pleasant too. The windows in the train were even bigger and the seats were almost empty, yet again. Travelling with the Eurail pass was beneficial. We just needed to produce our tickets whenever the "Ticket Inspector" came around. The journey took us about an hour. The white scenery slowly and steadily turned green again. In any case, the snow wasn't so much of a concern, as we had expected the 'Swarovski Crystal world' to be a completely INDOOR experience. We were wrong. Luckily the skies cleared out by the time we got to Innsbruck station. A bus outside the station took us to WATTENS, for a small ticket price.

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The bus shielded us from cold weather. We felt cozy, whizzing past clean roads, surrounded by snowy mountain ranges & green lands strewn with yellow flowers. It already felt very inviting. This leg of the journey lasted for about 30 minutes.

The Crystal world is a 15 minute walk from this bus stop. The comfortable journey, coupled with green scenic splendours, was more than what we had expected. The walk from the bus stop to the Crystal world was easy and energising. We had plenty of photo shoot opportunities during our walk.

We couldn't get enough of it. The advance purchase of tickets to the Crystal world, that included a 'to & fro' shuttle from Innsbruck, proved useful. In fifteen minutes we reached the attraction. A few photographs with the "YES TO ALL" as our backdrop, was taken for records. We spotted a restaurant. Walking past the gates, we came face to face with a waterfall, being spewed by a GREEN GIANT head. The museum, a brain child of Andre Heller, made for the crystal glass manufacturer "Swarovski", is housed inside this structure. The exhibits here are split into 17 chambers of craftsmanship, all made using crystals. Each chamber displays unique art forms, with different themes , created by various internationally recognised artists, who have interpreted the crystal stones in their own way.

We moved from room to room, appreciating these intricate art works. The interiors were dark enough to make the crystals shine but it was tough to get clear photographs.