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Italy, Greece & Montenegro diary : Day 22 - 21st May 2018

Milan is the fashion capital & capital city of Italy. It is also one of the four fashion capitals of the world. It is the house of the famous Gucci and Prada brands. It is a globally advanced city and also thrives on tourism. There are many places of visit in and around this city and it is worth a stop during a tour to Italy.

The city was more of a transit hub on our way out from Italy. With just a day and half in hand, we planned to do as much as possible around the city. We reached here by a direct train from Naples. The journey lasted 3 and half hours. By 2:30 pm we reached Milan Central. The central station is a Palace like external structure and is in line with top modern technology. It houses a shopping mall on the lower floor, that is well worth a visit. We had booked ourselves in a lovely Airbnb, self-catering apartment, right at the heart of the city. The accommodation was at a 6 minute walking distance from the Central station.

We took a short nap after settling down. We decide to check out the city in the evening. Of course, the Duomo (Milan Cathedral) was the choice without a doubt. We got to the Piazza Duomo by a Metro train, from the Central station, in 10 minutes. The tickets were purchased from a vending machine at the station. It was that simple. We climbed up a few stairs from the station to get to the PIAZZA DUOMO. The architectural magnificence of the Cathedral got us spell bound. It is noted to be the third largest Cathedral in the world. The entire piazza was vibrant, with the Duomo as it's centre piece. It was drizzling, but the rain didn't dampen our spirits. We were well equipped with umbrellas. We walked up to the Cathedral to take a closer look.

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The lovely frescoes and art work on the Marble cathedral swept us off our feet. The minute detailing on the exteriors displayed the intense skill of its creators. We were able to capture a few good pictures of it, for records. Spotting the STATUE OF LIBERTY, high up on the facade was the highlight.

We walked up to the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, lying to the right of the Cathedral. This is one of the oldest and biggest shopping complex that ropes in various branded goods, shops, top restaurants and hotels under one roof. There could be a total of 100 or more prestigious outlets here. No points for guessing that this place is definitely expensive. The interiors of this complex left us totally charmed.

The colourful marble chip work on the flooring , laid out forming a vast creative pattern, coupled with marble designs and frescoes on the walls, clearly displayed the skilled passion behind its craftsmanship. Even the water drains on the designed floor were tastefully built and decorated. The building has four floors. The central glass dome roof structure is the icing on the cake. It is built of iron and glass and is in the shape of an octagon. The glass roofing continues in as two arcades branching out as rays from the central Octagonal dome, running in the opposite direction to each other forming a straight line. The glass panes ensure enough sunlight during the day, giving the shopping complex its palatial look.

The building simply symbolises the wealth, art and fashion sense of Milan. There are also a few activities in the offering in here. One can take a walk on the roof for some photo worthy views , or , spin the testicles of TAURUS the bull for some luck. We had to give these a skip due to lack of time. We thought of walking around the arcade before heading outside to the piazza area. Shopping in some affordable places was on our thoughts. So we did.