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HIGHLIGHTS OF EUROPE Diary : Day 12 - 26th April 2016

The sublime village of Thumerbach occupies the eastern mountainous terrain of the Zeller see (Lake Zell), lying right opposite to the village of Zell am see. Though it is a part of the Zell am see district, it makes a unique impression and is popular as a summer retreat amongst Tourists. The winter activities offered here are not far behind either. With a varied choice of hiking trails, bike trails and skiing trails, the village is considered to be a tourist paradise. One can be rewarded with aerial views of the twin villages of Zell am See & Kaprun, that lie divided by a sizeable piece of land, occupying tiny triangular portions on the shores of the Zellersee, from a highest view point here. The Thumersbach promenade also finds a place on the 'must visit' list.

Our visit to a portion above this village, was for a short time but unforgettable. The morning was well spent around the Kaprun village (read KAPRUN), including a visit to the Kitzsteinhorn glacier (read KITZSTEINHORN) . The Late afternoon saw us at the Krimmel water fall. Our Taxi driver, Kata, was a knowledgeable lady. She suggested that we end our day with a visit to the Thumersbach view point.

The taxi wound its way up a hill side. The green meadows and mountains gave us a feel of being in Switzerland yet again. As we moved higher, we could view the thick pine groves carpeting the hilly landscapes. The villages got smaller and smaller as we got higher. The shades of light & dark green painted around the lake, made the view enchanting. The snow capped mountain range peeping in-between, created a picture-perfect postcard. The vehicle came to a halt at the top. We stepped out on a green, sloping land to catch the most jaw dropping view ever. We couldn't thank Kata enough. She offered to click our group pictures and later left us alone. There was only a single, Swiss style chalet here, with its own little fenced garden.

Tidy Desk

The area by and large was deserted. There was no one but us. A few of us tried rolling down the slopes for an activity. The thought of tumbling away into the deep mountain ravines did give the others the jitters. However, the activity provided some solid entertainment.

We couldn't stop posing against the perfect backdrop. There were huge rocks installed at one point. We made the best of it. Not one in the group had frolicked on such a vast green land, in their life time. It was heaven.

It was a pity we hadn't carried enough snacks for a picnic there. The sky was growing darker but the views were getting better. Could we have camped on the slopes overnight to witness the aerial night views of the villages ? This thought did cross our minds. The group, however, chose to get back to the accommodation as the temperature was getting colder. The view point also had a tall, huge frame, presumably made of wooden chunks from pine trees, installed on a piece of rock. A metal cut out of the words 'ZELL AM SEE KAPRUN ' was fixed right below this structure. The resultant view from this frame, displaying both villages along with the surrounding mountains and the Lake zell, was the most ideal of them all, for photographs.

This place is a must visit in case you get to Zell am see. Make sure to time off here, relax and chill with family and friends or just yourself. You won't regret it for sure. After a befitting end to this lovely day, we were dropped off at Penthouse Ari in Zell am see village. For further story read ZELL AM SEE - day 12.