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Sight Seeing & Activities


Fun activities and sight-seeing together function like the HEART & BRAIN of any tour and aim to bring the tour alive. Sticking to a budget does not mean compromising on the quality of the tour. This was my greatest learning after a few journeys. Trips are always remembered by the strong memories they generate. Sight-seeing and activities add quality to our experiences. There are varieties & possibilities to explore on that front, without spending much.

Reading various travel blogs, write ups and books can provide a fair idea of umpteen activities available. Walking around aimlessly and shopping in every place of visit will bring in monotony and might not enrich experiences. Restrict this kind of activity to as few places as possible. A "place" or "activity" is graded in our brain based on the corresponding memories it co-relates with.

We need to decide what to do in each place. It might get cumbersome to make an exhaustive list. It is also quite trying to arrive at common consensus of all travellers. Nevertheless, having a fair idea is a must, else you may end up doing nothing. Well , some may argue that " this too is a kind of holidaying". In the end, its YOUR CHOICE. The main aim of my blog is to push you to add value to your tour and do justice to the money you plan on spending, based on my experiences.

So then, make a list of all sights and activities that will be appreciated by the group. Score out the ones that look least interesting. Go by client reviews. It is better to avoid spending money on tours and activities that are consistently lowly rated by others. Why not try something new instead and set a trend ? Pop on your creative hat there. Go for it !

You also have a choice between walking tours, guided day tours, fun rides , monuments and places of Historic interests, museums, places of worship, markets & shopping, musicals and theatre shows and above all picnics and scenic wonders... the list is just endless. Ensure having at least one or two activities in a day. Take care not to overdo. It might tire the group.

Leave at least one free day in the entire tour. For longer tours leave at least 2 days , just to laze around and recoup.

Once the final travel itinerary is set, you can go ahead and book activities and tours. The prices of activities generally do not fluctuate. However, in case of popular & smaller group tours, the seats tend to get occupied faster. Re-check the dates of your visit with your corresponding dates of stay in each place. You don't want to bungle up there and end up being disappointed. Again, ensure that the website you are using is SECURE, before you part with credit card details. Read all instructions carefully before booking. Once the bookings are in order, follow the instructions related to the activity, that is provided therein. You can either print the bookings or save them on your mobile phone which you intend to carry (if that is acceptable), and manage them date wise. Either ways ensure it is easily accessible. Plan in advance on how to get to the place where each activity begins.

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