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Our trips are something which we always look forward to. We started this late in our lives, after we both attained " Senior Citizen" status. The whole trip is planned, precisely point to point. We have never ever lost our way in any part of the world where we have travelled. The amount of time and efforts taken by Priya in preparing for these trips is something to be experienced. What is amazing is, the taxi drivers are surprised to hear the detailed description of the routes to be taken to reach our accommodation and other places of visit. The trips are so planned, that we never had to walk long distances from our dwellings to the nearest public transport. The details are to the micro-perfection, with clear understanding of places of visit. She even knows the color of buildings and shops nearby, though she has never been there before. Trips are basically on mutually accepted terms. She only insists on punctuality at all times, which is doable. The highlight is our "team cooking" efforts. We carry food items and groceries from India and purchase few items from local super markets. As a result, none of us fall sick during these long tours, due to home cooked meals. People who want to taste local delicacies, are surely free to do so. The sightseeing is so meticulous and each destination is viewed holistically and at a leisurely pace, unlike conducted tours. Apart from this, the most interesting part is the total cost of the entire trip. In my experience, these costs are just a fraction of the amount charged by famous tour operators. Overall, I always look forward to tours organized by her. We hope to enjoy more such trips.

- N C S Pandiyan

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