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Seamless Journeys

Travel knows no boundaries


To feel complete, every human being needs to be fuelled with something that kindles their passion and enthusiasm.  If we seek it sincerely,  we are bound to find it.


Family vacations instilled in me a killing desire to travel.  I am not much of a solo traveller.  Dreams bubbled   steadily, each time I read the colourful travel blogs posted by millions of lone and twin travellers.   I  somehow thought a little differently.   I  felt solace in travelling with big groups.  Ever since I created my own GROUP TOURS back in 2008, I have found such sense of fulfilment in my own life.  I now enjoy following this passion of mine. 

Designing a worthwhile trip for an entire group, whether big or small, is a lot more challenging than travelling solo.  Here, a  lot more effort is required to ensure that everything falls in place.  It is about planning and execution.  Only then, trips turn worthy, without making a hole in our purses.  This is what makes the whole process more exciting for me.


Ensuring that my co-travellers enjoy, without having to spend more or worry about nitty-gritty of any self-planned tour,  is now my welcome responsibility. 

It is very satisfying and rewarding when my co-travellers are completely happy and return home with happy memories, which they reminisce with me from time to time.  Please do read their comments under Testimonials.

The Blog contains all my travel details till date. I have also added a lot of tips in every field  that is required to be kept in mind when planning a DREAM TOUR.  The content is shared with a hope to instigate others to plan  trips on their own &  realise how much they can save.   In any case, I am always around to help if need be.

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